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Some ideas on saving money on Utilities

Ok ,

So here is another area I would like to share on ways to save money. We all have utility expenses. either a cell phone, light , water, or cable. I have all of these except I don’t have a separate bill for water.

After years of paying high cable bills, I found out when I bundled my internet, phone and cable it is way cheaper than what I was paying before! I mean cable can be as high as a car payment.  That’s crazy, I think.   I recommend bundling services for a lower rate.

Another way to save on phone calls is to use Skype, or Google phone. Google phone is my favorite as, I am able to talk to family and friends for free, while being on the computer.  Often times , my friends and I can listen to content online while on Google phone.

Lights off.

When leaving the house for the day. I make sure every light is off. Its advised that if you use the air conditioner , to set it a 78 degrees, while your away. I personal  don’t agree with this, but this is only my opinion. I say its best to use energy only when you’re at home.

Another way to save money it to unplug cords from the wall. Even though the item is off, if it does not require it to be powered 24/7, there will be “phantom” energy usage. This is when energy is still be used even when an item is turned off, but not unplugged. Sometimes based on income, if you need help paying for your light and heating bill, there are assistance programs available to help out.  You don’t have to have zero income to qualify but here is the link that can provide more information.

Internet Service.

With todays need of internet, many people are paying a high price for this service. I found a couple of links for low cost internet. I’m not sure of all the qualifications needed to participate, but check them out and see if some thing works for you.

Till next time Happy saving!!!!!


Save on groceries

This week is about finding ways to save on groceries  at the supermarket.

Plan your trip

It’s  always it good idea to start with a grocery list. Some of us do make a list, but many people don’t. So this is where uncontrollable , impulsive spending can side track your grocery budget.

For starters, try not to go to shopping hungry. You may be more inclined to impulsive buying of things because you’re hungry.

If possible, go early in the morning. In my opinion, going in the morning can allow you to have time to shop .   Often times when the stores are busy we tend to grab things hastily   without looking at the cost ,because we want to get out of the store right away. Also, learn the prices of items that you purchase frequently so you’ll know a good deal when you see it, especially unadvertised specials.

Consider Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs can be another source of grocery savings.  Smaller families and singles tend to overlook warehouse clubs for groceries, thinking everything comes only in bulk,”

In reality, many things don’t come in large quantities and don’t perish easily, and there are many ‘individual’ items.” For instance, many cereals come in a two-bag box, or you can get two jars of spaghetti sauce bundled together.  I think it’s a good idea to team up with friends, family and neighbors to split large purchases.   This may be good for  kids in a college dormitory setting or something similar.

Look below:

Often times people spend a lot of money on items that are located at the top or at eye level on the shelves. It is designed that way by merchants so that you will purchase the more expensive products  that are located to either on the top or at eye level.

Most of the lower price items are usually located to the bottom to the shelf, so all ways  look to the bottom first for your items , as they will be cheaper.

Check out in store and manufacturer coupons .

Often many people don’t pay attention to the coupons that are in the weekly store flyer. Some of the discounts can be significant and can reduce your over all cost of your weekly grocery budget. Also pairing in store coupons with identical manufacturer  coupons, from the newspapers, { if you luck out here} can help reduce the cost of items. for example if you buy a package Uncle Ben’s rice and your local store has a coupon offering a discount off if it and you happen to see a manufacturer coupon for the same item, you can most likely use both to get the maximum discount.

So that’s all for this week.  Stay tuned for more tips on saving money.

Save with the microwave oven.

So here is my first blog post about a topic I think would interest everyone. Money. I have tried to explore ways to cut back on things I  spend a lot of money on , as well as find some alternatives to making those dollars last as long as possible.  Making a conscious effort everyday to  use what I have at home before going out to spend money on morning conveniences.   Brewing the coffee at home, the time consuming experience of  scrambling an egg with bacon.

Hey ! I just discovered how to scramble an egg in 2 minutes and cook some bacon in about 4 minutes with out using a frying pan! Great!

Using the microwave… who knew ? Surely  I didn’t, but I saved about $5.00, by not purchasing a breakfast meal at a major fast food chain this day.   I also have to push myself to bring my lunch and some kind of snack to work . I  just recently saw a $48.00 deduction in my check and when I contacted the payroll department at my place of employment, they stated the $48.00 deduction was due to food purchased in the café, for” one week”.  Yes, I am crazy to spend that kind of money on lunches in the  café. But I had to kill that money grubbing café  cat!   Just brown bag  my lunches as much as possible.

Ok, so moving on.  In addition to bringing my lunch to work, I also have to keep up with the benefits my employer offers to me to help me with my classes here. My company offers tuition reimbursement for  the classes, I’m taking now.

In addition to this,  many  employers  may  additionally provide up to 10% discount off of a students tuition per semester.  Some even partner with textbook companies  that can help  get text books at a discounted rate too.  So my suggestion to everyone out there  who is pursuing higher education, check out any discounts or tuition reimbursements  an employer may offer. Its just another option to save money.

Here’s  another way I save money on my educational expenses,  discontinuing  the purchase of  online E- textbooks.

Now it took me a long time to catch on to this., But when I buy an E textbook, I get it right away, however, I spend ink and paper printing out chapters and I can’t resell the book back to anyone since it is in digital format. So, I have tried to make an effort to get the physical copy of textbooks, either renting them or buying them used.   When I’m done with the textbook, I can just sell it back if it was purchased. I understand that some books are only obtainable in digital format for certain classes, in which a student has no choice but purchase an E textbook.  But if there is an option to rent or purchase books, these are the best options in my opinion .

Ok well that’s it for now. I will try to provide more suggestions and ideas as time goes on.

See you next time. Remember, save those pennies.

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