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So here is another area I would like to share on ways to save money. We all have utility expenses. either a cell phone, light , water, or cable. I have all of these except I don’t have a separate bill for water.

After years of paying high cable bills, I found out when I bundled my internet, phone and cable it is way cheaper than what I was paying before! I mean cable can be as high as a car payment.  That’s crazy, I think.   I recommend bundling services for a lower rate.

Another way to save on phone calls is to use Skype, or Google phone. Google phone is my favorite as, I am able to talk to family and friends for free, while being on the computer.  Often times , my friends and I can listen to content online while on Google phone.

Lights off.

When leaving the house for the day. I make sure every light is off. Its advised that if you use the air conditioner , to set it a 78 degrees, while your away. I personal  don’t agree with this, but this is only my opinion. I say its best to use energy only when you’re at home.

Another way to save money it to unplug cords from the wall. Even though the item is off, if it does not require it to be powered 24/7, there will be “phantom” energy usage. This is when energy is still be used even when an item is turned off, but not unplugged. Sometimes based on income, if you need help paying for your light and heating bill, there are assistance programs available to help out.  You don’t have to have zero income to qualify but here is the link that can provide more information.

Internet Service.

With todays need of internet, many people are paying a high price for this service. I found a couple of links for low cost internet. I’m not sure of all the qualifications needed to participate, but check them out and see if some thing works for you.

Till next time Happy saving!!!!!


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  1. I am that person that unplugs everything if its not being used and lights are not on unless I’m in the room doing something. Someone told me it would save me money by doing this a while ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. Thanks for all the tips in your blog…I’ve enjoyed it!

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